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Top 10 Low Priced Hotels in Bacolod City

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10 Low Priced Hotels in Bacolod City, Philippines

A thriving Filipino urban centre, Bacolod City’s culinary roots dig deep, with sweet treats around every corner and an entire street devoted to regional cuisine. Get ready to explore everything from parks to museums, beaches and shopping districts in Bacolod.

Nicknamed the “City of Smiles,” there’s no doubt Bacolod’s culinary heritage contributes to its lively ambience. All over town, you’ll find Bacolod’s famous Napoleones and sweet specialties, such as cassava pudding and Sapin-Sapin. Manokan Country is a street lined with family-owned cafes and the perfect place to try the city’s signature Bacolod Chicken Inasal dish.

Head over to Rizal Street to visit the centuries-old Baroque-style San Sebastian Cathedral, constructed with coral stone and Palawan wood. The cathedral sits within walking distance to Capitol Park and Lagoon, a popular gathering spot

At Negros Museum, you can connect with local culture through its historic sugar plantation relics and handicrafts. Collections include a group of fake cannons employed to frighten Spanish invaders, using coconuts as cannon balls. Looking for the contemporary art scene in Bacolod City? Head to the Art District on Lacson Street to find restaurants and nightlife.

If you are looking for a centrally located and Low Priced Hotels in the City of Smiles consider these;


Low priced Pension Houses in Bacolod City, Philippines

Address: 13th Lacson Street, Bacolod City
2] Hometown Hotel Bacolod

Address: 26th Lacson Street, Bacolod City

Hometown Hotel Bacolod

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3] Bacolod Kings Hotel

Address: Gatuslao Corner San Sebastian Streets, Bacolod City

Bacolod Kings Hotel

6] JP227 Residences

Address: B.S Aquino Drive Bacolod City

JP227 Residences

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7] Manna Pension House

Address: 3 Jasmin San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City

Manna Pension House

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  1. Palmas del Mar resort and Avenue Suites are my favourites. Thanks for your brief comments on each hotel, they can help with the pick decision.

  2. Good info, thanks.

  3. Wow so many of these look so nice! No shortage of affordable places to stay!

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