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ACER DLP Projectors are the best in the market today

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Recently I was invited together with the Negros Bloggers group to attend the ACER Projector Roadshow which was held at L-Fisher Hotel.

negros bloggers at acer event

They explained the advantages of LCD projectors compared to DLP projectors. And they also compared the ACER DLP projector to another leading brand DLP projector.


I was amazed to the examples that they have shown to us and it has convinced me that ACER DLP Projectors are the best buy compared to other leading brands.

liza soberano for Acer

Here are some of the Features of Acer DLP Projectors

  • No screen door effect
  • No ghosting
  • Smaller form factor
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Fast switching speed

less screen door effect

dlp projectorAcer has all the projectors you will ever need, here are the five types of Acer DLP Projectors:

Travel Series:

Share your ideas wherever you go with Acer Portable LED Projectors. Discuss concepts, show videos on big screens and motivate others while you’re on the road — without needing a computer. With models as slim as 1″ (24.5 mm), the world of self-expression now fits in your pocket.

Professional Series:

With projection this crisp and bright, even your most complex concepts will be grasped easily by associates, clients or students. The high resolution and brilliant color of Acer’s Large-Venue Series projectors will let the power of your ideas shine through, and their top-notch technologies will keep you in complete control.

Home Series:

Show movies on a mammoth scale (up to 300 inches or 762 cm in size) in a billion colors and astonishing clarity. Make your living room your personal multiplex with Acer Home Series projectors, and leave behind the ordinary in entertainment for a cinematic experience that is truly awesome.

Education Series:

Acer’s Education Series projectors portray clear, large images from either a distance, or when positioned conveniently close to the projection screen. This makes them ideal for use in education facilities or any smaller space. Their high resolution makes for clear and detailed big screen images, while color enhancement features deliver vivid hues.

portable projector

If you are planning on purchasing one, just go to your nearest Acer branch and purchase the DLP projector that is right for you.


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  • Website: www.acer.com.ph
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/AcerPH
  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/acer
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/AcerPH
  • Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/acer

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