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Bacolod to Iloilo via FastCat: Convenient, FerrySafe and FerryFast

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Bacolod to Iloilo via FastCat Ferry

If you’re from Bacolod, you would know that going to Iloilo from Bacolod is fairly an easy travel because of the available modes of sea transportation. It feels like Iloilo isn’t that far away. But would you believe that what already seems like a simple process has even been made easier through FastCat.

FastCat is a ferry handled by the Archipelago Philippines Ferries Corporation (APFC) which offers a route from Bacolod to Iloilo.

FastCat Ferry - Bacolod to Iloilo

In order to introduce this route to the public, FastCat organized a tour with some media personnel and bloggers, which highlights and emphasizes the ferries that will be used and as well as a tour in Iloilo.

Iloilo: A trip to the heart of the past

Iloilo: A trip to the heart of the past. Travel now to experience the heritage sites of Iloilo City via Philtranco and FastCat for a FerrySafe, FerryFast and FerryConvenient adventure 🙂 Check out this video to know more!

Posted by Fast Cat on Monday, February 19, 2018


The FastCat Ferry offers different types of accommodation to its guests, mainly Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

Business Class Section:

Those in Business class will get to experience travelling in the spacious air condition section of the ferry with very comfortable and cozy seats.

FastCat Business Class
FastCat Business Class

This section also has an LCD TV available, where movies will be shown to keep guests entertained. The Business class can seat 63 guests.

Premium Economy Section:

While those in Premium Economy will also be seated in an air conditioned section. This section offers two LCD TVs for the guest’s entertainment.

FastCat Premium Economy
FastCat Premium Economy

This section can seat 105 passengers.

Economy Section:

FastCat Economy
FastCat Economy

Lastly, the Economy section is the open area of the ferry that can hold up to 107 guests.

Cafeteria Section:

FastCat Cafeteria Section
FastCat Cafeteria

And just in case, along the way you start to feel your tummy get hungry the FastCat ferry has a canteen which provides different rice meals, snacks, and drinks that are tasty and definitely affordable.

Just in case you are in need to go to the loo, you can use the comfort rooms on board because they are clean which makes doing your business so easy. Or if you just need some freshening up before docking in Iloilo.

If you don’t have enough time to stay overnight in Iloilo, you can opt to just have a daytrip. Take the earliest FastCat Ferry to Bacolod and the last trip for the day going back at the Banago Port.

This can be your basic guide to your Iloilo Day tour.

Once you land in Iloilo City, your trip will begin when you ride the PhilTranco Bus. PhilTranco Bus can be your major mode of transportation there.

Philtranco Bus
Philtranco Bus

Your first stop can be Miag-ao Church, which was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take in the history through architecture.

Miag-ao Church
Miag-ao Church

The San Joaquin Cemetery will be the best destination from the church. This cemetery is considered to be one of the treasures of the city. It is actually selected as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum of the Philippines.

San Joaquin Cemetery
San Joaquin Cemetery

For extraneous and fun activities, Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort is a thumbs up as well. It is a resort where you can swim, kayak, fish, ride horses, and ride boats.

Garin Farm
Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort

In every trip, there must always be souvenirs. The handwoven products of the Arevalo family are ones that are good to take home.

Lastly, just go to any restaurant you can find there because not a single one will disappoint your taste buds.

FastCat Schedule:

fastcat schedule

FastCat Rate:

For more information about FastCat, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

  • Website: www.fastcat.com.ph
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/FastCatOfficial

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