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Burger King is now open at SM City Bacolod

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Burger King at SM City Bacolod

The King of all Burger’s is finally here…The Burger King! This famous Burger chain had their opening day last December 11, 2015 and they are located in the North-Wing of SM City-Bacolod.

I’m grateful that we the Negros Bloggers, together with other local Media Groups were invited to celebrate as they open their first branch here in Bacolod City. I’m sure all Negrenses can’t wait to dine in and try their scrumptious, juicy and best grilled burgers.

burger king ribbon cutting

The ambiance is great and very spacious; it can accommodate a lot of hungry diners and it is also a perfect party space to hold any special occasion.

burger king counter

burger king restaurant tables

burger king restaurant

The Staff and Service Crew were very accommodating and the service is good.
And here’s the moment of truth, Burgers have been served and our tables are jam packed with their signature Whooper Burgers with onion rings on the side and a drinks.

This is EAT! Finally, we tried their popular signature Whooper Burger; it is tender, juicy and has a subtle smoky taste. It’s purely beefy goodness in every bite.

burger king burger

The BK Onion rings were perfectly light and crunchy, but I would love to have a thick cut fries instead. Happy diners had a great time enjoying their burgers with a crown on their heads, thank you Burger King.

bk onion rings

Did you know that Burger King, offers a wide selection of Grilled Burgers that will satisfy your taste buds?? There’s so much to try on guys… From their Classic Whooper, there’s the 4-Cheese Whooper and Meat Whopper. And for the Beef Lovers there’s the Flame Grilled Cheese Burger (yum), BBQ Bacon Cheese Double, Mushroom Swiss Double, Classic Angus Steakhouse and Monster Bacon Angus Steak this burger comes with a thick cut Fries and a Drink.

I know at this point you already decided what you want to try, but wait there’s more . . . They also have Chicken Sandwiches like X-tra Long Chicken and a Chicken Nugget Burger that comes with a thick cut fries and a drink too.

xtra long chicken burger

And if you are dying to eat rice, you’re blessed because there is a single rice meal only for you. A Chicken Nugget with rice and a drink. A brilliant idea of BK, they exactly know what Kiddos want.

And for those who have a sweet tooth like me, don’t leave yet because Burger King also offers desserts. Why don’t you try their Hershey’s Sundae Pie or the regular Sundaes with 4 different flavors Strawberry, Chocolate, Mocha and Espresso, you can also have drinks like Mocha Frost, BK Joe Coffee, Iced Tea, Apple Juice and Soft drinks.

float sundae

So, if you are craving for a burger right now or you are looking for a place to hang out with your family or friends, or even planning for a Burger Treat party please do visit BURGER KING at SM City-Bacolod. Go Big! Go Double with whoppers and enjoy!

Definitely, I will be back for more burgers at Burger King!!!

What are you waiting for? Visit them now!

burger king whopper jr burger

What are you waiting for? Visit

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  1. Burger King is the bomb! Not the most healthy of choices but fun to indulge in every one and awhile. I like the whopper and for breakfast, their French toast sticks are awesome!

  2. We love Burger King! I like everything on the menu! Lucky you to have one, and now I know if we visit, we can have some of our favorite food!

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