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Cabalen Restaurant at SM City Bacolod

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Cabalen Eat-all-you-Can, Eat-all-you-Want Restaurant in Bacolod

It is impossible to get tired of eating Filipino food. The flavors of Filipino meals just always know how to tickle our tastes buds and keep us craving for it. So when a new Filipino restaurant opens, it is no question that there will always be a long line waiting excited to eat food that taste like home.

Cabalen is one of the famous buffet restaurants here in the Philippines and now it has opened a branch in SM City, Bacolod. Cabalen comes from a Kapampangan word that means “fellow” or “kababayan”. This “eat-all-you-can” restaurant is mostly known for its undeniably mouthwatering Kapampangan dishes but it is a buffet restaurant that offers a variety of delectable Filipino dishes. They also offer some food specialties of certain provinces around the Philippines. All their dishes are those that your palate would surely enjoy.

Cabalen SM City Bacolod

This buffet restaurant has been around for how many years here in the Philippines which is why Cabalen has many branches around the Philippines, all of which are loved by every guest who gets to taste their dishes. Most brances of Cabalen can be found in malls in Metro Manila.

One of the many reasons people love Cabalen Buffet is because of their salad bar. Their salad area offers the freshest vegetables and fruits you can find and the tastiest dressings you can have. Perfect for any healthy food lover!

When it comes to their main dishes, they are definitely the star of your whole meal. All of it are cooked to perfection. None are served cold or dry. All taste fresh out of the kitchen and its flavors are those that will make you come back for not just a second plate but many more.

Cabalen Must try dishes:

Cabalen Beringhe the Filipino cousin of the world famous Paella,  made with sticky rice and coconut milk, beringhe is paella with a tropical flavor and a sumptuous dish made more festive with a rich assortment of ingredients such as chicken, green peas, carrots, sausages, hard-boiled eggs and raisins.

Cabalen BeringheCabalen Beringhe


Cabalen Crispy Crablets – for seafood lovers out there. They are definitely cripsy, not soggy, and extremely tasty.

Cabalen Crispy CrabletsCabalen Crispy Crablets


Cabalen Lumpiang Hubad – is great if you’re looking for something fresh but with mixed flavors.

Cabalen Lumpiang HubadCabalen Lumpiang Hubad


Cabalen Lechon Kawali – this is a classic dish that you shouldn’t miss out in Cabalen. They are crispy and cooked in a way that tastes like heaven.

Cabalen Lechon KawaliCabalen Lechon Kawali


Cabalen Sisig – they have many variations of sisig available. Chicken, pork, and tofu are choices they have.

Cabalen Sisig StationCabalen Sisig Station


When it comes to desserts, of course we can expecting nothing but delectable and tasty. Filipino desserts are definitely comforting and refreshing. You can expect classic Filipino desserts here that are perfect to eat finish of your whole meal.

Cabalen Dessert StationCabalen Dessert Station


All dishes found here are beautiful plated and lined with banana leaves which makes it the little details that show the Filipino style of the restaurant. The whole theme of the restaurant makes you feel at home for its Filipino theme but every dish is cooked as if it were high class.

Cabalen Food station

Endulge in the best and perfectly cooked Filipino dishes in Bacolod at Cabalen.  Enjoy all the delicious food at a reasonable price of P298++ (P333.00) for the eat-all–you-can buffet with no service charge.

Cabalen Bacolod located at the Ground Floor of the Northwing Bldg., SM City Bacolod.

For inquiries, you may call: (034) 436-5922/0922-217-1009

Negros Bloggers at Cabalen BacolodL-R: Anton Espanola, Cabalen Store Manager and the Bloggers: Ed Joven, Jojo Vito, Claire Algarme and Sunshine Torres

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