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Daily Bubble Laundry now open at The District, Ayala North Point

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Daily Bubble Laundry at The District, Ayala North Point

Many of us get caught up with all the things we have to do with our lives. Balancing work/studies, responsibilities, passion, and everything else in our lives isn’t an easy task, and sometimes with all “must-do’s” we have, we lose time for certain things. A common example would be laundry. This basic chore has become a burden for many because of the time it consumes. Many worry and panic over trying to find the time to do their laundry amidst their busy schedules. But there is now an answer to your problem.

Daily Bubble Laundry is a laundry service that has opened its second branch in the District North Point, Ayala Mall in Talisay. With its strategic location, Daily Bubble Laundry service can now offer their service to mall goers and residents nearby. Making it very convenient for anyone who needs some clothes laundried.

Daily Bubble Laundry with dawn and staff

One of the distinguishable difference that Daily Bubble has over other laundry services shops is that they offer a variety of laundry services that are catered to fit the budget of certain demographics.

Daily Bubble Laundry

They have three types of laundry services available. They are listed below:

1] Do-It-Yourself Laundry

If ever you’re schedule isn’t too tight and you’re just looking for a simpler and faster process to wash your clothes, then the DIY service can work for you. The DIY service offers the complete package. Your clothes will be washed and dried. With a maximum of 8kg, you get to pay P110, and you’ll most likely finish in an hour. Just in case DIY-ing is confusing to you, their personnel will be happy to help.

2] Drop-Off

Got a busy week ahead, not quite sure where to fit laundry time in your schedule or maybe you prefer to have some time to relax and not worry about laundry? Daily Bubble accepts clothes for drop-off at their establishment. Just get the things you want to be washed and drop it off at one of their brances. Basis wash and dry will only cost you P25 per kilo for regular clothes. And if you want to get them pressed, prices for pants, uniforms, and long sleeves is P15 per piece. While a pressed t-shirt is P10 per piece. If ever you’re really in a hurry, you can get a rushed service but it will cost you twice the price.

Note: The drop-off service requires a minimum of 5kg for the reason that Daily Bubble does not mix the clothes of customers with other customers for hygienic reasons and as well as preventive measure of clothes getting lost in the laundry of someone else.

3] Dry Cleaning

In need for a good washing for your clothes for a special event? Dry Cleaning service is also available here. May it be for barongs, gowns, suits, cocktail dresses, comforters, you name it, Daily Bubble will accept it and handle it with care. Rates for dry cleaning are varied per item.

Lessen the stress you experience every week by having your clothes laundried in Daily Bubble Laundry.

 The District North Point Branch

Working hours is mall hours.

Retail Strip 2, beside Globe Telecom office
The District North Point

Daily Bubble Laundry Bata Branch:

Ganzon Arcade, B9 L18, PCS 5078
Brgy. Bata, Bacolod City

Mon-Fri = 9am – 9pm
Sat & Sun = 7am – 9pm

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