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Fudmaster Bacolod: Get Healthy with Fudmaster Healthy Foods

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Fudmaster: A Healthy Alternative to Typical Food Chains and Restos

Picking a tasty snack for a health buff can be quite a challenge. Just drop by any grocery or convenience store and try going through their shelves. You’ll immediately see that majority of the products sold are, well, not quite up to the standards of health-conscious individuals.

If that has always been your problem, then worry no more! Fudmaster has finally opened its doors to serve you. Their store is located near the front gate of the Doctor’s Hospital in Bacolod City.

Fudmaster - Our Meals Count

Apart from offering delectable yet healthy treats, Fudmaster also specializes in serving terrific dishes. Name it, they have it – from cookies and salads, to juices and sandwiches. This is the place to go if you’re tired of all the sugary treats and fatty foods you always get from other stores and restaurants.

What Makes Fudmaster Unique?

One thing that instantly sets Fudmaster apart from their competitors is that they not only employ cooks and bakers, they also work closely food technologists and nutritionists. This is really a restaurant serious about delivering as they promise.

Furthermore, they also offer personalized meal programs for their clients. For example, a customer can sit down with them and give details about his preferences and even medical condition. A dietitian will then prescribe certain foods based on those needs for a 1-month program that will most benefit the client.

So whether you are a diabetic, a pregnant woman, or someone aiming to shed some weight, Fudmaster can be a valuable help.

What’s In Their Chiller

Take a look at their chiller and you will quickly see what I mean. It’s obviously a different world out here because this is a store that sells high-fiber cookies, salads and bars. Fudmaster even took the effort to put nutritional labels on each package so customers are well-informed about what they’re getting.

foods in the chiller of fudmaster


The Italian Pasta Salad is as yummy as it is healthy. There’s also the Garden Fresh Salad for the vegetarian and the Fresh Fruit Salad for the fruit lover. You’ll never run out of fun options to choose from when you are in Fudmaster.

fudmaster italian pasta saladItalian Pasta Salad

fudmaster green saladGreen Salad

fudmaster fresh fruit saladFresh Fruit Salad


Are you a bread enthusiast? Well, they’ve got you covered too. Wheat-Carrot loaf is a best-seller here. If you prefer a traditional Pinoy breakfast, you may check out the healthy Pandesal.

wheat carrot loafWheat Carrot Loaf

healthy pandesalCarrot Wheat Pandesal and Malunggay Squash Pandesal

healthy LoafWheat Malunggay Loaf and Wheat Raisin Loaf


As far as beverages are concerned, well, you get to try a wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices as well as delicious shakes. Options include grape, pineapple cucumber, watermelon berry, and other interesting concoctions. You can even get some Macapowder and Chia seeds to make the drinks much tastier.

healthy shakesHealthy Shakes (Pineapple Cucumber, Grape and Watermelon berry)

Personal Recommendations

With so many choices, making a recommendation can be a little tricky. Still, I’d readily mention the Vegetable Lasagna, the Asian Beef Sandwich, the Sicilian Vegetable Sandwich with Ham and the Watermelon Berry Juice as among my favorites.

Roast Vegetable PaniniRoast Vegetable Panini

vegetable lasagnaVegetable Lasagna

Asian Beef sandwichAsian Beef Sandwich

Sicilian Vegetable sandwich with ham and Watermelon berry shakeSicilian Vegetable sandwich with Ham and Watermelon berry Shake

I may not be someone who habitually checks nutritional labels before buying and munching stuff but I would say my visit to Fudmaster was absolutely worthwhile. I look forward to visiting again and ordering the above-mentioned favorites – and probably try other new dishes, too! Healthy snacks have never been this yummy.


Fudmaster Healthy Grabbables Outlet and Dietary Clinic is located at the main entrance of The Doctor’s Hospital, B.S. Aquino Drive, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. They are open daily from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

  • Landline: (034) 431.49.43
  • Mobile: 0922.816.7178 or 0922.795.4669.

Please check out their Facebook and Instagram page to see more of what they offer.

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/fudmaster
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/fud_master

Fudmaster map

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