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Grab Mobile hailing App makes transportation accessible to many

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Grab is just a mobile hailing app that helps modernize and make transportation accessible to many

Grab Philippines, a franchisee of Transportation Network Company (TNC) by Land Transportation Regulatory and Franchising Board (LTFRB) is merely a mobile hailing transportation application or platform that made public transportation through Grab taxi and Grab cars more accessible to passengers – rain or shine, day and night, near or far as long as it is within their area of coverage.

Grab Bacolod Manager Jocelyn Yoshida and Fuena Nicolas, Grab Government Communications Manager introduced the said mobile transport app to members of the Negros media yesterday (May 25), to orient them about Grab company’s profile and purpose that aims to help ensure a modern way of getting a safe and comfortable ride on board either on Grab taxi and Grab car.

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This mobile app is being used by 620 million people in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnamese and the Philippines.

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform that solves critical transportation challenges to make transport freedom a reality to 620 million people.

Grab’s core product platform includes commuting solutions for drivers and passengers with emphasis on convenience, safety and reliability.

It started with a project study of Anthony Tan and Hooi Ling Tan who were then studying at Harvard Business School in 2011 and one time, they had a hard time getting a taxi. With that experience, they made the said mobile app that exponentially addressed the problem of inaccessibility of taxis that also provided commuters with a safe and comfortable ride.

Grab is now in its two years of operation in Bacolod in partnership with their Grab taxi and Grab car operators. Yoshida said,”We are here to compliment, co-exist and help the Bacolod transport and commuting sector enjoy a modernized transport system in the city.”

A Grab Taxi driver Jimson Ponce said that Grab has helped him improve his income and in his personality development. “I was part of those drivers who underwent a training on Drivers Academy which was provided by Grab including proper grooming. I really appreciate the help of Grab in my family because I am assured of my income as long as you are committed to drive and follow the rules,” he said.

Marvin Infante, a Grab peer- driver said that he used to work as an overseas contract worker. But with Grab, he was able to have a stable income in his hometown and finally decided to stay here for good. You don’t need to go out of the country to earn because Grab helps us earn a living while in in country. I don’t need to go out anymore. I now spend quality time with my family and earn in my own pace,” he said.

Yoshida said that Grab is here to improve lives of drivers and those who are unemployed but knows how to drive. Grab serves the riding public in making the transportation more accessible anytime and anywhere. Moreover, Nicolas said they are open to partnership with other taxi operators in Bacolod City.

“We help our Grab taxi and Grab car drivers find passengers without roaming around the City. And this mobile transportation application helps save fuel and time,” she said.

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