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GRAB Philippines provides raincoats for the heroes of the streets, The traffic enforcers

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GRAB provides raincoats for the heroes of the streets The traffic enforcers are considered as among the heroes of the streets.

Come Rain or shine, they are always seen in road intersections or crossroads who help ensure that a smooth flow of traffic will be experienced by many motorists any time of the day.

Now that it is rainy season, their welfare came as a concern not just for the City Government of Bacolod but also to GRAB Philippines through its Bacolod Office wherein GRAB, being the No. 1 transportation application in Southeast Asia, which saw the need to provide raincoats these traffic enforcers with the needed raincoats.
Grab Donates Rain coats to Traffic EnforcersBacolod GRAB Manager Jocelyn Y. Yoshida (5th from left) turns over 400 pieces of Poncho-designed raincoats to Bacolod City Mayor Evelio R. Leonardia (4th) and Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran (3rd) with his traffic officials – PSupt. Luisito Acebuche, BTAO Head, Exec. Assist. Celestino Guarra. Two traffic enforcers already wore the sample raincoats.


GRAB Bacolod Office Manager Jocelyn Y. Yoshida led the turn over of the 400 pieces of Poncho-designed raincoats to the City Government of Bacolod through Mayor Evelio R. Leonardia.


The simple turn-over was held at the Bacolod Government Center lobby on June 28 in the presence of Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran, Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO) head P/Supt. Luisito Acebuche, Executive Assistant for Police Affairs P/SSupt. Celestino Guarra and two traffic enforcers.


Yoshida said this came after Grab Country Manager Brian Cu came to Bacolod on a rainy day where he saw many traffic enforcers who continued to man the streets despite the rain.


What caught his attention was the need to provide them with the needed protection from cold weather. So he instructed GRAB Bacolod Office to prepare the raincoats which are similarly designed after Grab in Thailand. She said, Bacolod is among the three top cities in the country which were considered by GRAB as its top priority areas of operation.


On the other hand, Mayor Leonardia and the rest of the city officials expressed their sincerest gratitude to GRAB for this donation. They actually came very timely considering that rainy season is already being experienced in the city. “This is the right stop at the right time. We are getting this at a time that when we need it most.All the more that we would like to thank GRAB through Ms. Yoshida for this kind gesture. Please express our gratitude to your Country Manager and thank him for coming to the city recently. Please let us know when he is coming back again as we will make sure that when he comes back, it will rain again. I am sure that this is something that our enforcers really need. We have seen a lot of times, the heroic deeds of our traffic enforcers where they have to bear not just the heat of the sun but also the hit of the rain,” he said.


He added that he knows that GRAB is an international company which has indeed grabbed the attention of the world. This is a new innovation that somehow caught the imagination of the people and for sure, whatever it is, it is the reality that is heating up in the market and the transport sector.


In the whole Philippines, in terms of priority, there are three priorities for GRAB. One is Manila, next is Cebu and No. 3 is Bacolod. It’s because that they considered Bacolod as a very progressive city. “We hope that GRAB will also become progressive in Bacolod, presupposing that everything is in order.
Thank you for the 400 raincoats that will go to our traffic enforcers,” the Mayor said. Moreover, Col. Acebuche assured GRAB that he will ensure that this will be used properly by the traffic enforcers.


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