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GT Papaya Lotion Review

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Experience the richness of GT Papaya Lotion, which has 3 in 1 whitening formulation that helps whiten, moisturize and protects your skin from the sun, to give you fairer, youthful glow to your skin.

GT papaya


The Packaging:

This product is packaged like like most lotions in the market today. It’s in a white squeezable bottle with a flip-top cap.

GT papaya lotion ingredients

The bottle also prints the ingredients, the directions on how this product should be used and what it promised. It stamped the manufacturer’s name and address.   It has pure papaya extract to help whiten the skin and collagen that helps reduce the signs of aging.

GT papaya lotion on hand

The lotion color is white, slightly thick lotion, and I like the texture because I’m not really fond of very runny, liquid-like lotions.  The scent is good and not too strong, it’s like a milky papaya.   I applied it every day generously on the parts I want to whiten.  I haven’t seen any improvement yet since I only used it for a few days. Will update this article for improvements in a few weeks.

Another good reason to use GT Papaya Skin Whitening Lotion is it contains SPF 40 which will protect your skin against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) sun rays.

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This review is written by Jenny Joven:

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