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Intraspec’s 20th Anniversary Event At Metro Inn Bacolod

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Intraspec Management Consultancy recently had its 20th year anniversary celebration at the Catterino Hall, found on the fifth floor of Metro Inn – one of Bacolod City’s newest and finest hotels.

The theme of the event was Intraspec: 20 Years of Excellence in Training.

intraspec 20th anniversary

In attendance were business executives, business leaders, media practitioners, members of the Negros Bloggers as well as members of the People Management Association of the Philippines, and more. Of course, invited to grace the occasion was guest of honor Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, city mayor of Davao City who is one of the most well-respected government leader in the country.

Jojo Vito at the intraspec 20th anniversary

Mr. Jojo Vito introducing Ms. Cathy Cabuga for her Welcome remarks.

Welcome Remarks:

Ms. Cathy Cabuga, Metro Inn’s Owner and General Manager, gave the opening address for the program.

In her remarks, she assured every attendee in the room that the event will be a “night of intellectual discussion and inspiration.”

And so it was. The messages delivered by the speakers were both edifying and informative.

To spice up the event, Intraspec and Metro Inn gave several prizes as well during the raffle at the end of the program.

intraspec 20th anniversary 3

Ms. Cathy Cabuga giving a trophy of appreciation to Atty. Panelo

Intraspec’s Beginnings:

According to Jojo Vito himself, Intraspec had its roots back in 1995, thanks to a special partnership with Daisy de Dios. The company was originally known as HUMANSPECS, Co.

The name was later changed to Intraspec Management Consultancy when the two decided to part ways as Daisy de Dios pursued a new career opportunity in Metro Manila.

Jojo took the helm from then on and renamed the company, taking inspiration from an Old Testament Verse that says “and they shall be called oaks of integrity planted by the Lord to show his glory (Isaiah 61:3).” Besides, Intraspec is an amalgamation of the words “Integrity,” “Training” and “Specialist. ”

The management consultancy firm specializes in providing training and consultation for human resource management and more.

Intraspec has since been invited to train leaders and staff members by big clients including Coca-Cola, First Farmers Holding Corporation, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Norwegian Ship Owners Association, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, San Miguel Corporation, and numerous other companies, organizations, and universities.

In Jojo’s view, Daisy’s decision to leave did not hurt the company, but benefited it in fact, as she was instrumental in connecting Intraspec with many Manila-based company which later became their clients as well.

intraspec 20th anniversary 4

intraspec 20th anniversary 5

intraspec 20th anniversary 6

intraspec 20th anniversary 7

intraspec 20th anniversary 8

intraspec 20th anniversary 9

The Negros Bloggers with Ms. Cathy Cabuga of Metro Inn

Intraspec Now:

Jojo Vito is clearly optimistic about Intraspec’s future. As the company moves on its 21st year and onwards, it appears that the best is truly yet to come. Considering how excellent the company has been performing and how passionate Jojo is, one can rightfully expect Intraspec to move higher and higher in the market.

The author with the next President of the Philippines - Mr. Rodrigo Duterte
The author with the next President of the Philippines – Mr. Rodrigo Duterte


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