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Masskara fun goes ‘giga’ with Smart

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Masskara Festival turned bigger this year as Smart Communications brought the “giga” experience to the colorful celebrations, pulling out all the stops– from offering enviable treats and perks to throwing the hottest parties– to give an awesome experience to subscribers.smart masskara
As a mobile partner of Bacolod City for Masskara Festival, Smart set up a Smart Zone, a big hub where festivalgoers got to enjoy an unrivaled digital experience brought by the bigger and heavier Giga Surf 50.

Smart’s data-packed offer, Giga Surf 50, offers 1 GB data plus 300 MB for video streaming on YouTube, iflix and
more, valid for three days – all for only P50. To register, subscribers only need to text GIGA50 to 9999.  Powered by Giga Surf 50, Smart subscribers were able to update and share their best Masskara moments on their favorite social media apps instantly, chat with their friends, and stay online for the latest festival happenings.

Those who registered to the promo also got to participate in exciting activities at the Smart Zone, such as designing their own Masskara souvenir shirt, enjoying today’s hottest digital content like movies from iflix and Virtual Reality content on the Samsung Gear VR, as well as playing games for a chance to win exciting items.

Meanwhile, thousands of festivalgoers trooped to the Smart-backed Homegrown Invasion and Masskarave Street Parties, which featured Smart ambassadors DJ Nix Damn P, DJ Ace Ramos and MC Pao, along with a strong lineup
of party DJs dishing out the latest beats from dusk until dawn.

smart masskara invasion with the negros bloggers

“Smart subscribers are in for bigger festival experiences as Smart goes the extra mile to give everyone the most
awesome parties, treats and perks,” said Gerard Milan, head of Smart Prepaid. “Powered by Giga Surf, Smart’s
biggest data promo, everyone may also curate and share their experiences with friends and family in real-time for
a much richer and more meaningful celebration.”

Watch out as Smart is set to bring the giga experience to more festivals around the country, with awesome treats
to subscribers. For more information and updates, follow www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications and follow
@LiveSmart on Twitter and Instagram.

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