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Moe’s Laundry Lounge: Wash, Dry and Relax

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Moe’s Laundry Lounge: Laundry Woes?  Go to Moe’s!

Who knew that doing your laundry can be easy, fun and quick?

You would be surprised because this is actually possible. Well, at least that is thanks to Moe’s Laundry Lounge in Bacolod.

Doing your laundry most of the time feels like a very time consuming, tiring and heavy chore. However, here at Moe’s Laundry Lounge, you will just have to sit back and relax while waiting for it to finish.

Moe’s Laundry Lounge is going to be your favorite laundry shop located around the area of Barangay Taculing.

Moe's Laundry Lounge

First of all, a great thing about Moe’s Laundry Lounge is that there are many washers and dryers available for all their customers. So waiting that in line wouldn’t be that long. And just in case you wouldn’t know how to operate them, the staff can assist you. It takes around 38 minutes of washing and 40 minutes of drying.

And if you ever you have to finish up some official business at the BIR, since it is beside the shop, but you still have to do your laundry; all you need to do is just get your clothes running through the washers, do your business, and just come back in right after.

However, the number of washers and dryers at Moe’s Laundry Lounge isn’t the only reason why you are going to love this shop.

Moe's Laundry Lounge - Washing Machines
Moe’s Laundry Lounge – Washers and Dryers

Waiting for your clothes can be pretty boring, most especially if the place you’re waiting at is just a simple bench and all you can hear is the rushing of the machines. But at Moe’s Laundry Lounge, you get to wait in style.

Moe’s Lounge Area:

Is it Moe’s Laundry LOUNGE because, there is literally a lounge in the shop where their customers can sit and relax comfortably plus you can surf the Internet for Free with their fast PLDT Fiber Connection.

The lounge isn’t just some simple table and chairs. It has its own quaint and simple aesthetic to it. It looks and feels very cozy and clean.

Moe's Laundry Lounge - Lounge area


Moe's Laundry Lounge - Lounge area
Lounge Area

Another great thing about it is that Moe’s Laundry Shop even has its own comfort room which is very clean.

So technically, their shop actually has everything you need to make doing your laundry more fun and comfortable for you.

No more boring moments of doing your laundry.

About Moe’s Laundry Lounge Owners:

The owners of Moe’s Laundry Lounge are Sebastian Gayosa, Mo Abulaban, and Mawen of Cake Castles.  Sebastian and Mo were graduates from Enderun Colleges. The three brilliant owners were able to come up with the concept and style of Moe’s Laundry Lounge when one time they were at a laundry shop for more than an hour. This moment and the idea of creating something fast and convenient was what formally made them conceptualize the idea of the business.

Moe's Laundry Lounge Partners - Mo and Sebastian
Moe’s Laundry Lounge Owners – Sebastian Gayosa and Mo (Justin) Abulaban

Mawen of Cake Castles, not really her really name but she prefers to be called that because she also owns the Cake Castle Bakeshop (https://www.facebook.com/cakecastlebakeshopbcd/), made it a point that she would be able to really watch over the creation of their business. From the moment the first operation was done and up until today, she keeps a close eye on it.

Moe's Laundry Lounge Partners
Moe’s Laundry Lounge Business Partners – from Left Mawen of Cake Castle, Sebastian Gayosa and Mo (Justin) Abulaban, and Sandra A. Gayosa not in the photo are Dr. Renzi Gayosa and Gabrielle A. Gayosa

Moe's Laundry Lounge - Dedication

Moe’s Laundry Lounge Prices

Drop Off – P30 per kilo

  • Minimum of 5 kilos or P150. Clothes are not mixed with other people’s garments for sanitary purposes.

Self Service

  • Wash – P60.00 per 8 kilos
  • Dry – P60.00 per 8 kilos

Go to Moe’s Laundry Lounge for your next laundry day.


Moe’s Laundry Lounge Location:

D8 Redkey Building, corner P. Hernaez-Jocson Streets
Taculing, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines (the building beside BIR)

Tel: (0925) 850-6449 | (0933) 850-0005 | (034) 445-8894

Moe's Laundry Lounge Location Map
Moe’s Laundry Lounge Location Map



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  1. Nicest laundry room I’ve ever seen.

  2. Caroline Lozinski

    This place sounds amazing ! I would love to do my laundry there !

  3. Oh WOW!! What a laundry room. Would you believe I don’t go to a hotel or somewhere to stay if doing laundry isn’t an option. With 6 ppl traveling it’s a must for us. Looks like I would go on vacation just to use that laundry room lol

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