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Negros Gourmet Experience Gathers 12 Food Companies in 1 Event

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Negros Gourmet Experience at SM City Bacolod

What’s more exciting than discovering awesome food? Well, here’s one – finding all your favorite restaurants and chains gathered together in a single location!

This is what’s in store for foodies and the public in general as SM City Bacolod hosts the Negros Gourmet Experience. Held at the N4 Carpark across Krispy Kreme’s entrance, this 3-day long event runs June 12 to 14, 2015 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

SM City Negros Gourmet Experience

I, of course, made sure I got the chance to drop by and catch the festivities. I’d say it was a great event and I hope this isn’t the last time we’re getting something like this in the city.

The Exhibitors

To begin with, the Negros Gourmet Experience features 12 food stalls from exhibitors.

Popular brands Sbarro and Yellow Cab are among them – much to the delight of pizza lovers like me. Local brands C’s and Chicken Deli likewise offered their products to event attendees.

Got a thing for shawarmas? You will love that Saddam’s Shawarma has also acquired a stall for the event. If you are into Asian and Chinese cuisine, Chifa is there for you. Want to taste the famous Paella Negra? You’ll get the chance as you order from the booth of Txacho Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar.

SM City Negros Gourmet Experience restaurants

Other exhibitors included are Café Bobs, Gorka, Homegrown Bar, Sage, and the SM Food Court Beer Station.

Yes, the exhibitors are pretty varied which made it more interesting as the market had a good selection to choose from.

Actually, the same can be said when it comes to beverages. They serve everything from beers and cocktails, to cold coffee and wines, to sodas and rum, among many others.

SM City Negros Gourmet Experience foods

Simply said, this food event has something that perfectly matches your taste regardless of who you are.

The Atmosphere

Now I understand some may be a bit hesitant about the concept of holding a food event at a car park. But no, those worries are invalid.

The organizers made sure that cars are not parked near the area so that diners can enjoy their food and beverages without having problems with smelly car fumes. Mall admin instructs car owners not to par within two lanes so as not to disturb event goers.

Entertainment is likewise provided for everyone by live music from different bands. I particularly enjoyed the acoustic group and their excellent selection of songs. Besides, acoustic music is just refreshing to listen to – especially over a combination of tasty food and drink.

SM City Negros Gourmet Experience ambience

I think it’s also worth-mentioning that all the chalkboard signs used by the companies for the event are a nice touch, especially since it’s back-to-school season again in the country.

As mentioned above, I hope this becomes a regular thing here in SM. Maybe other mall owners or event organizers can even follow suit.

If you have the chance, I recommend you check out the Negros Gourmet event with your family or friends. The foods are fantastic plus the music is amazing and so this will surely be an amazing experience for everyone.

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