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Quan Delicacies “Sugar Free” Pasalubong Treats

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Heading Home? Go Grab a “Sugar Free” Pasalubong at Quan Delicacies

“Where’s my pasalubong?” If you are a Filipino, you’ve surely encountered that question from family members, relatives or friends as you arrive home from a vacation.

Quan Sugar Free Pasalubong treats

The act of bringing something home for loved ones is definitely one of the most treasured traditions in the country. Pasalubong come in different sizes and shapes from wooden crafts, shirts, native necklaces, and many more. If you want a surefire idea that everyone will love, then you better buy specialty treats.

It is no secret that Filipinos love eating and so it’s a guarantee that your loved ones will be thrilled if you buy them delicacies from the place you just visited. You are taking home something from your vacation that will let them, quite literally, get a taste of what it’s like to be there.

If you are spending your getaway in Bacolod City, you have to know that there is one trusted brand for the best pasalubong in town.

Have a Taste of Quan:

Quan Delicacies is the place to go if you want to purchase the best goodies Bacolod has to offer. They offer a wide selection of tasty native delicacies.

No Sugar Added:

Indicated in the label of each Quan package is the “Sugar Free” promise which naturally comes as a surprise considering that Bacolod City has the reputation of being one of the largest sugar producers in the country.   Those fond of sweet-tasting foods may be disappointed with that but in my perspective, I love the fact that Quan Delicacies provides a refreshing break from all the sea of sugar-filled treats available in the market. This makes an excellent alternative for health conscious individuals who may be trying to avoid consuming too much sweets. Also, your older relatives who may have diabetic problems will appreciate that you are considerate about their condition as you share these products with them.

My personal favorites from them include Galletas, Wheat N Cinnamon, Broas, Barquillos, Roquillos, and Rosquettes . I really can’t’ get enough of them and so in most cases, I have to buy double the quantity as I visit their outlets. Besides, I’ll likely be munching these snacks on my hotel or on the plane. I really have to make sure I have something left for my folks and buddies back home.

wheat n cinnamon by Quan DelicaciesWheat n Cinnamon

rosquillos by Quan DelicaciesRosquillos

rosquettes by Quan DelicaciesRosquettes

galletas by Quan DelicaciesGalletas

broas by Quan DelicaciesBroas

barquillos by Quan DelicaciesBarquillos

Other Products to Check Out

Aside from the delicacies I mentioned earlier, you may also check out the Stick Bread. This best-selling product goes well with coffee and so its possible to have this for your breakfast if you want.

stick bread by Quan DelicaciesStick Bread is great with coffee

They also have Bottones, Kinamonsil, Munchies Pesto, Munchies Ginger, Stick Bread, Wheat Twist, and many more – all of which are perfect for your afternoon or midnight snacks.



Stores and Outlets

What’s great about Quan Delicacies is that you can find their products on several stores and outlets around the city.


  • MC Metroplex, Northdrive – Tel. (034)4339987 or 7090677
  • La Salle Avenue – Tel. (034)4346379 or 7085055
  • Lopues Araneta – Tel. (034)4356559
  • Gaisano Araneta – Tel. (034) 7078440
  • Lopues East – Tel. (034) 7089095
  • Robinsons Supermarket – Tel. (034)4761518

If you are from Manila and you want more (or suddenly realized you forgot to buy pasalubong while in Bacolod), you can also visit their branch at 1797 Dian Street, Palanan, Makati – Tel. (02)8335843.

Whether you are young or young-at-heart, you bet Quan Delicacies have a lot of treats that will captivate your taste buds.

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