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Sugarlandia Barquillos

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SUGARLANDIA BARQUILLOS’ beginnings could be traced back at the turn of the 19th century, when Bonifacia Unson Conlu, a 40 year old “panadera”(baker) from the town of Pari-an, lloilo, migrated to Negros. She was engaged in catering made-to-order pancit molo and special pastries such as Hojaldres, Tartitas, Utap and Barquillos. Her culinary expertise was handed down to her daughter Damiana Mercado, popularly known as “Tiya Dami”.

Sugarlandia Barquillos

“Tiya Dami” started SUGARLANDIA BARQUILLOS in the early 30’s as a home industry. It started with a few workers, all of whom were immediate members of the family. Among its foremost customers were the more affluent families of Negros Occidental. Later, when its market expanded, more workers were hired and a plant site was constructed in its present location.

SUGARLANDIA BARQUILLOS, as a cottage industry in the 60’s became one of the pioneer members of the then National Cottage Industry Development Administration (NACIDA). It then carried the label “DELICIOUS BARQUILLOS HOMEMADE BY TIYA DAMI.” Its products were then sold in the big grocery stores in Bacolod, aside from the original home-cum factory/outlet.

In the early 70’s product development and technology improvement brought about by a larger market. The original Barquillos wafer was made multi-layered and of different lengths. They were packaged in round and square tin cans and later in corrugated boxes. Its cooking stove evolved from the cumbersome charcoal-fired to the kerosene-fueled type to the present LPG burners. The owner developed a turntable system of cooking thereby increasing productivity of workers.

After the Barquillos came the Piaya, a native Negrense delicacy made from flour, lard, muscovado sugar and sesame seeds.

Sugarlandia Piaya

Today, the product line of Sugarlandia Barquillos includes Barquillos, Piaya, Banana Pinasugbo, Barquiron, Squid Rings, Biscocho de Carta, Banadas, Masa Podrida, Meringue, Lubid-Lubid, Kinamoncil, Sinambag, native Chocolate (tableya), Galletas, Utap, Buttescotch, Honey Flakes, Rosquetes and other special home-processed delicacies.

Sugarlandia assorted

Its latest additions to the line are Mango Glazed, Mocha Logs, ChocoBarq, BarquiRice, Cinnamon Sticks and Chocolate Barquillos. Distributors in Manila, Cebu, Davao and other key cities of the country market these products.

Indeed, SUGARLANDIA BARQUILLOS continues to come up with delicious, quality native delicacies and food products.

Sugarlandia Barquillos

Sugarlandia Barquillos
Prepared by Tia Dami Food Products
#36 Lizares – Yulo Sts., Bacolod City, Philippines 6100
Tel #: (034) 435-0053 / (034) 468-0270
Cellphone #: Globe 0907-2048484 (Manuel M. Engallado)
Smart 0928-7572992 (Audrey Rose S. Mecabalo)

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