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Taste the Continental Flavors at SM City Bacolod Foodcourt

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SM City Bacolod’s FoodCourt has just become the place to go for any food enthusiast wanting to explore Continental Flavors. Instead of having to visit different Continental Food restaurants around the city, the SM Food Court makes a wonderful alternative with their five amazing stores, namely Sizzling Plate, Sbarro, Mr. Kimbob, Tokyo Joe and the newest Lechon H.

SM Foodcourt Continental Flavors Media Day banner

This is, of course, a good news because it gives everyone the chance to check out interesting international dishes under a single roof. The stores are just a few steps away from each other, which allow you to compare prices and menus with greater ease. Speaking of price, the fantastic foods are being offered at affordable prices, too.

SM PR Manager Ms May CastroMs. May Castro – SM City PR Manager

SM Foodcourt Continental Flavors Media Day with Manager EfraimMr. Efraim Valencia – SM City FoodCourt Manager

Bacolod media and Negros Bloggers were invited by Efraim Valencia, FoodCourt manager and May Castro SM PR Manager, at the Continental Flavors Media Day event, so we were able to sample different meals from each store.

SM Foodcourt Continental Flavors Media Day with Foodcourt Staff

So for this blog entry, allow me to give you a brief overview of what to expect with each one.

  • Sizzling Plate

Sizzling Plate

Sizzling Plate dish

If you’re a fan of Sizzling foods, then Sizzling Plate is highly recommended for you. They serve a number of steak dishes such as T-Bone and Pork Steak. They also cater to the local taste by offering complete rice meals. You may also order seafood dishes like Sizzling Stuffed Squid and Sizzling Bangus.

  • Sbarro Pizza

Sbarro SM City BacolodPhoto Credit: Dhadha Garcia

Sbarro menu

We all know that majority of Pinoys love Pizza. I highly suggest the following flavors when you order at Sbarro: New York Style Cheese Pizza (for a light snack), Stuffed Supreme (when craving for more flavors), Chicago Deep Dish (when really hungry), Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (to complement the pizza), Green Garden Salad and additional Garlic bread.

  • Mr. Kimbob

Mr. Kimbob SM City Bacolod

Mr. Kimbob dish

Got a thing for Korean food? Well, Mr. Kimbob is now open to customers so go pay them a visit. They have kimchi, Mandu, rice sizzlers, Bibimbap, and of course, Kim bob. As you may expect, most of the foods served here in Mr. Kimbob is spicy. You’ll probably have to skip asking for the chili sauce once you have your fill – except, of course, if you’re really into hot, spicy stuff.


Lechon H

There are a lot of really good lechon in Bacolod City, this Lechon H  is one of them.  The skin is crispy and delicious. The meat has the spices flavouring and is juicy and not dry. It’s yummy to have on its own too without any sauce.  Lechon H store is still under construction they are scheduled to open on the 3rd week of April, 2016.

  • Tokyo Joe

Tokyo Joe SM City Bacolod

Tokyo Joe dish

Last but definitely not the least, we have Tokyo Joe which, as the name implies, serves Japanese specialties. Get a taste of wonderful food from the Land of the Rising Sun such as bento boxes, don buri, and ramens, among many others. Their Gyudon (beef rice bowl) is particularly awesome!

Come to SM Food Court!

Bacolod Sm City Foodcourt

So the next time you are dining alone, with your friends or family members, be sure to come to the SM Food Court which opens everyday from 10:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening.

You’ll get your chance to enjoy delectable dishes from these 5 terrific stores, so do not think twice about giving any of them a try. In fact, try all of them when you get the chance. With the reasonable price and delicious servings, we are sure you will not regret it.

Negros Bloggers at the EventThe Negros Bloggers at the Event

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