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Negros Love Dance Festival

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Bacolod City, has a few festivals that draws a lot of tourist; the Panaad Festival of Festivals held every February, Bacolaodiat held every Chinese New Year and the world famous Masskara Festival held every October.

Headrush Multimedia started Negros Love Dance Festival last May 2013 where it was held at Ayala Mall Grounds, Talisay.

Basically, the team coined the concept of Love Dance through the inspiration it has drawn from similar electronic music festivals worldwide. Since Negros did not have one before, Headrush decided to take a huge leap, to make a mark for our very own island, and to revolutionize tourism for the province as well.

negros love dance

This year 2014 the Negros Love Dance Festival was held on April 26, 2014 at the Central District Football field behind Two San Parq, Mandalagan Bacolod City. The event was fun and invigorating, you can see the crowd so alive as a colorful breathing mass with bright discs flying around, blinking light sabers, and with awesome stage light design.

Below are some of the tweets from the happy party goers who attended the festival;

negros love dance tweets






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